Food trucks come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular types of food truck wraps are full wraps. Full wraps are wraps where the vinyl that we print the graphics on covers the whole vehicle. Whatever the truck currently looks like will not show at all. Because the vinyl covers the whole vehicle, we call these kinds of food truck wraps full wraps.

Wrap Your Truck
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Sometimes, clients don’t want to wrap the whole vehicle. Or else, often times the vehicle is white and some of the design is white with a few coloured elements. Because of this, we often suggest doing food truck wraps as a partial wrap. This means that we only print the non-white and apply it to the food truck. The reason we do this is to either save cost or reduce the unnecessary printing and wastage of ink to save time and resources. Partial wraps are also typically faster to apply than full wraps.

Wrap Your Truck


Full wraps and partial wraps are two of the three food truck options that clients ask for. Food truck decals are one more way of ‘wrapping’ your food truck. Often times, a food truck design has more empty space than a partial wrap has. Other times, clients have a certain budget in mind that they can not go over. For such reasons, decals are a great way to make a bland truck more appealing to look at. Decals take less time to install than full wraps or partial wraps.

Wrap Your Truck
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